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Oxygen Supplied by Omega Advanced Aeromedical 

If you require Oxygen for your cruise, or even for a stay in a hotel, then Mobility at Sea highly recommend Omega Advanced Aeromedical.

Whether you need to have a 24-hour oxygen supply, oxygen for sleep purposes, or oxygen on an intermittent basis, Omega Advanced Aeromedical can tailor a solution to suit your medical needs. 

All oxygen concentrators supplied are always compatible with the cruise ships power. Omega Aeromedical are fully approved to supply liquid oxygen systems to:

(It’s important to be aware before you book any cruise that Saga, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Fred Olsen Cruise Lines do not allow liquid oxygen system onboard any of their ships.)

Omega Aeromedical cover cruises that depart from Southampton, Portsmouth, Dover, Port of London, and Tilbury Harwich.  Once you’ve completed your booking, the oxygen will be delivered and installed in your cabin.

If you would like assistance or extra guidance, then a meet and greet can be arranged with an oxygen professional.

What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

The air we breathe is made up of 77% nitrogen and 20% oxygen before it is filtered through an oxygen concentrator. Quite simply, the concentrator receives the air, purifies it, and then pumps out the newly formed air.

Once filtered, the air comes out as a mix of 90 – 95 % pure oxygen and 5 – 10 % nitrogen. This provides the recipient with the highest concentration of oxygen possible for their medical requirements. 

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