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Thank you to all of our existing customers

At Mobility at Sea we're constantly striving to improve our services, knowledge and customer satisfaction. 

We're not just enhancing cruises for our direct customers, but also for their companions.

We've discovered that so far in 2014 just over 33% of our rentals been previous customers, compared to 23% throughout the whole of 2013.

From this 10% increase we can happily draw two conclusions:

  1. More customers are returning to us. Our customers are finding comfort in our personal and tailored service. We don't just want to rent mobility scooters, bed lifts or any other mobility aid, we genuinely want to make sure they enjoy their cruise to it's full potential. Their holidays have been enhanced so much due to our hard work and they come straight back to us the next time around. If anything, their second cruise would be even simpler, as we are able to use their first experience with us as a starting point.
  2. We're enabling people to go on cruise holidays more regularly. Looking at our testimonials, our customers are able to get a lot more out of their cruise holidays when they rent one of our scooters for their time on board. Because they're able to visit more of the cruise liners themselves, not to mention the advantages to having a mobility scooter for excursions and day trips to land when the ship docks, people are getting a lot more value for money overall. It's simple. The better value your holiday, the more often you'll want to go. 

We're not just enhancing cruises for our direct customers, but also for their companions. Their family and friends can sit back and relax knowing their loved one has their independence and are also safe whilst on board. It really is a win-win scenario and makes all of our hard work worthwhile!

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