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Turn Aid

Turn Aid

Product code # MH005

The Turn Aid has been designed for carers to facilitate standing and seat-to-seat transfers, whilst minimising the risk of injury to themselves and the patient.

It allows a client with moderate upper and lower limb strength to participate in functional transfers whilst ensuring good working postures for carers and therapists.Height adjustable and angled knee pad facilitates normal biomechanical hip and knee movement. Height adjustable hand bar to suit a range of clients. Thigh pad gives the client a secure and supportive contact point for increased stability and comfort during transfers.Turntable effortlessly rotates through 360 degrees for repositioning in even the most confined spaces. Non-slip footprints provide secure foot placement and show clients where to position feet. Easy to operate foot brake prevents rotation and over-balancing during sit-to-stand. Two rear castors provide easy transport from client to client. Front mounted sprung castor assists the in positioning the Turn Aid once the client's feet are in position. Folds flat for transport and storage.


Bottom Handle Height (Adjustable)81.5cm - 117.5cm
Centre of Knee Pad Height (Adjustable)23.5cm - 51cm
Height (adjustable)81.5cm - 131.5cm
Top Handle Height (Adjustable)92cm - 131.5cm
Weight (max user)190kg (30 stone)
Width (overall)15kgs